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BMW E36 Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit

BMW E36 Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit

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The Lantz Fab 7/8" Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Kit solves drivability problems associated with an undersized clutch master cylinder. Whether you’re using an OEM clutch or an aftermarket clutch, our master cylinder is proven to solve common drivability issues. To learn more about our kits, check out our YouTube overview below. 

Solves Drivability Issues: 

  • Clutch pedal sticking to the floor 
  • Trouble shifting 
  • High-RPM shifting issues 
  • 1st/Reverse hard to engage 

    Kit Contents:

    The kit includes a modified Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder, brackets and hardware to mount it in the stock BMW location using the stock clutch pedal.  The included Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder has a shortened push rod, a tapped rear mounting flange and the mounting flanges have been machined down to match the dimensions of the stock BMW Clutch Master. Our Lantz Fab Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Kits are built here in the US around a Wilwood 7/8" bore master cylinder. Each kit we offer has slight variations in design and hardware to fit your exact BMW model.

    What you can expect with our kit:

    • A shorter pedal due to the increase cylinder bore and a ~15% increase in pedal stiffness
    • A consistent clutch engagement point that is easier to modulate
    • Effortless shifts at any RPM
    • Longer clutch & transmission life
    • Resolves other concerns including pedal sticking to the floor

    Option Guide:

    • Click Here for a YouTube Overview of Options
    • Click Here for a YouTube Overview of Ordering High Pressure AN Lines
    • Clutch Master Cylinder Output Fitting: The Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder has a 3/8-24 banjo outlet with no fittings included. We sell high quality Earl’s fittings designed to fit your model. Our kits do not come with lines to connect the Wilwood Master Cylinder to your transmission.
    • Rod End Style: Our kits come with a 3D printed carbon fiber nylon rod end that allows you to use the stock clutch pedal pin. For drifting applications, there is an option to upgrade to a metal rod end that uses a 8mm bolt and bushings instead of the stock pin. If you choose this option you will also get the plastic rod end.
    • Reservoir: Each kit is designed to work with your stock BMW clutch reservoir. If you want to run a remote reservoir select the drop down option. 

    Installation Instructions:

    A QR code to the installation instructions will be included in your order. To view the instructions now click here

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