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Wilwood -3AN No-Bleed Quick-Disconnect Fitting

Wilwood -3AN No-Bleed Quick-Disconnect Fitting

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Wilwood no-bleed quick-disconnect fittings are manufactured from lightweight aluminum, precision engineered, and hard anodized. These dry break quick-connect/disconnect fittings make changing brake components faster with no need to bleed the system. A quick quarter-turn disconnects them, without tools, but they connect as secure as a threaded flex line fitting. They feature an internal spring-loaded seal that prevents air from entering or fluid from escaping and are engineered explicitly for high-pressure hydraulic brake fluid systems. Race-proven in circle track, off-road, and endurance road racing, Wilwood no-bleed quick-disconnect fittings are offered in male and female styles, or together in a kit. Choose the fitting(s) preferred for your system.

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